Winter Festivities

1962 Latchkey page 72

The Winter Ball was an annual celebration put on by the Student Council members to encourage school spirit and participation in extra-curricular activities. The balls were always a highly anticipated event during the winter season for the first twenty years or so of HCC’s inception. A time for friends and lovers to forget their worries of the previous semester, and to celebrate in some Yule-tide spirit. Up until around 1961, it was the tradition to nominate a King and Queen. However, during the 1961 ball and beyond, a new tradition seemed to form where a Queen was nominated, and with the Queen was her court of about 3 other females.

1959 Latchkey page 49

Snowflake Serenade

Held at the Sheraton-Kimball Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts

Al Bibeau was named King, and Kathy Kennedy was named Queen.

1963 Latchkey page 83

The Christmas Dance

Held at the Hotel Northampton on December 21, 1962

This year’s dance was touted as the best social function of the year, with 275 couples attending!

At the Gala Event, there was a grand march of all the potential candidates for Queen, and much to her own surprise, Barbara Einfurer was chosen.